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Working at RBL

Rome Blockchain Labs is bringing humanity to the digital world of blockchain. Trailblazing freedom, integrity, transparency, and collaboration in Decentralized Finance, RBL is working to change the future. RBL both creates in-house products and supports development for our external partners while prioritizing abundance and wellness across our communities. As a laboratory, RBL researches and publishes cutting-edge content and findings for the blockchain ecosystem.

What is it like to work at Rome Blockchain Labs?

RBL is committed to the framework of self-organizing teams. This makes communication, collaboration, and confident expertise critical to success in our work environment. Supporting several products and partners, we work autonomously on complex, interwoven projects.

As a fully remote international team, you are encouraged to apply from anywhere. You can anticipate being free from a life of cubicles while being highly accountable and self-sufficient. RBL works together to respect everyone’s time and boundaries while meeting our targets.

Whether you are well-versed in DeFi, blockchain, and Web3 or are looking to learn something new, RBL has a place for dedicated professionals.


Fully-Remote - Live anywhere anytime Unlimited Vacation - Take the time you need Web3 Stability - Explore a burgeoning industry safely Psychological Safety - Be your true self

All applications should include:

  • Letter of Intent

  • Functionality Relevant Portfolio

  • Updated CV

  • Current Contact Information

Your application does not need to disclose age, race, gender, nationality, disability, sexuality, spirituality, or parental status. All are welcome to be their full self.

Get to know the current team by visiting our team page and reading about our experiences on our LinkedIn.

Frontend Developer

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