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RBL Net Your Analytics and Informatics

Discovering information on over fifteen networks, RBL Net offers 47 customizable data parameters. Use these to uncover unique relational insights. Select your preferred blockchains, networks, dApps, token pairs, and data parameters for the ultimate experience in DIY DeFi Data.


RBL Net informatics are delivered as an api for your institutional analysis needs. Powering RBL Technologies and partners, the vigor and possibilities of this information technology are clear. RBL Net offers an impressive selection of features, promising data in less than 2 seconds and with over 1 million real time trading pairs.

Data Parameters

A snippet of what data parameters can be recalled are listed below. Data for your project, your competitor's project, or a general ecosystem can be made available with custom strategies. Beyond the data pull and report, relational analyses can be made.

Swap Analytics

  • Pool Trade Frequency

  • DEX Trade Frequency

  • DEX Trade Volume

  • Token-Specific Trade Totalization

Liquidity Analytics

  • Pool Liquidity Volume

  • Token Pairing Distribution

  • DEX Liquidity Flow Volume

  • Token-Specific Pool Diffusion

Lending Data - Deposits

  • Protocol Deposition Count

  • Instantaneous Pool Deposition Quantity

  • Totalized Deposition Value

  • Historical Deposition Return rate

Lending Data - Lending

  • Loaned Asset List

  • Historical Loaned Asset Quantity

  • Loan Frequency

  • Instantaneous Loaned Asset Interest Rate

Lending Data - Liquidations

  • Market Liquidation Indexing

  • Liquidation Value

  • Asset Liquidation Velocity

  • Protocol Liquidation Indexing

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