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Your Trading Bot is Being Modernized

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As the DeFi ecosystem continues to evolve and grow, so must RBL Technologies. To better serve traders and institutions, it is time for RBL's non-custodial algorithmic trading bot to be reimagined.

That's why RBL Velox will cease service in its current form. As of January 13th, 2023, the web app, integrations, and instances of RBL Velox will no longer be operational. Likewise, any existing strategies will not be executed.

Although RBL Velox will no longer exist in its current form, RBL is hard at work on new technologies. We plan to iterate a new trading bot with specialty features not currently seen in the marketplace. Please check back regularly if you are interested in providing feedback or influence to this next iteration of advanced algorithmic trading.

As with all RBL Technologies, only the best, enterprise-grade platform will be released to our users. We look forward to developing the answer to the next challenges for the DeFi Trader.

You Loved Velox and So Did We

Was your favourite part about Velox the +99% completion rate on all your ERC20 token swaps? Maybe you found the non-custodial nature of the trades secure? Did you find you were able to maximize profit easily?

Keep in Touch

We are thrilled to hear that you loved features of RBL Velox. The RBL Team would love to know what kept you using the app and what prevented you from maximizing your trading potential. Please revisit our website and keep tabs on our socials for opportunities to provide feedback as the beta testing group for the next algrothimic trading bot from RBL Technologies.

Remembering RBL Velox:

Below is a summary of what RBL Velox was originally. While RBL will work to maintain the best features of RBL Velox, we must rethink what DeFi traders need in today's marketplace. We look forward to providing you with a new algorithmic trading option soon.

Strengthen your trading strategy

with the first non-custodial multi-point DeFi trading bot.

Executing custom strategies, RBL Velox offers multiple execution parameters per traded token pair alongside minimal slippage and highly efficient gas.

Create and deploy exchange strategies for up to one year in the future on six DEXs. Criteria include:

  • gas price

  • token pair wrapping

  • logic parameters

  • market movement allowance

RBL Velox bot interaction is offered as a stand-alone or Rome Terminal integrated web application for personal or institutional needs. A safe, simple way to manage parameter strategy trading, RBL Technologies is proud of this innovative solution. 

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